The Adventures of "Just a Bear and his Dog" Bear and Dog go Camping

May 28, 2018  •  3 Comments

Memorial weekend was finally here. It was the first big camping weekend of the year for Bear and Dog.  Bear had found a great spot earlier in the year and couldn't wait to go camping there.  After setting up the camp, Bear and Dog sat by the pond enjoying the view.

After relaxing for a bit, Bear tossed the ball around for Dog.  Dog loves to play fetch!

All the running around made Dog very hungry and thirsty.

Soon it was time for Bear to get the campfire going and cook up a fish he had caught earlier.

After supper Bear toasted up some marshmallows for him and Dog.

It was the perfect ending to the day!





Time for another adventure! I think Bear needs a girlfriend ;)
So cute!!!! Love all the little details!!!!
Awesome job now he has to go to the lake
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