Frequently Asked Questions



Do you offer larger print sizes other than 11x14?

Yes, some images can be printed larger than 11x14, but others due to cropping, etc, may not be able to.  Please email me at [email protected] with the size and image you are interested in printing larger.  I will check the image for that size and get back to you.

When I purchase a print with no other options what am I getting?

When you choose the option to buy a print it is just a print of the image.  It will not be matted.

Why do I sometimes see a calendar gallery on your site?

I do a yearly photo calendar, which is normally ready for sale by October of each year.  It is printed on high-quality heavy card stock.

Can I purchase a calendar directly from your site?

No, the calendars I sell are processed through another company. If you live or work in the Bangor area, calendars can be picked up directly from me. It can also be shipped for an additional fee. Calendars are $16.00 each (plus ME State sales tax).

Can I select which photos I want in the calendar?

Unfortunately I am not able to offer that option.  To keep the costs of the calendars down I have to order them in bulk.


Great Gray OwlGreat Gray Owl