Michele Barker Photography | The Adventures of "Just a Bear and his Dog" Bear and Dog go to the lake and fireworks

The Adventures of "Just a Bear and his Dog" Bear and Dog go to the lake and fireworks

July 14, 2018  •  3 Comments

It had been really hot so far this summer. Bear thought it would be a good idea to take Dog to the lake to do some fishing.

After catching several fish Bear and Dog headed back. With the raft secure on shore, Bear put the fish they had caught back in the net to keep them cool in the water. 

They sat for a bit enjoying the cool breeze that was coming off the lake. Bear had a big surprise for Dog planned later that night. He could hardly wait to tell Dog. 

It was finally time to head back.  Bear was going to surprise Dog by taking him to watch the fireworks!  Bear knew that Dog may be scared of the loud bangs that the fireworks make so he brought Dog's blanket to wrap him up with to help with the noise.  As they waited for it to get darker, Bear explained all about the fireworks and how beautiful they would be.

It was finally dark enough for the fireworks to begin.  Dog was amazed at all the colors and his blanket muffled the loud bangs just enough.  Bear was very proud of Dog for being brave.  It was a perfect way to end the day.



Love it...
That is a wonderful story of a bear and his dog I loved the fireworks pic.
Aunt Louise Bear(non-registered)
My dear Bear, so proud of you for thinking of Dog first and making sure that he wouldn't be frightened by the fireworks. You are the best buddy a dog can have!
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