Michele Barker Photography | The Adventures of "Just a Bear and his Dog" Bear and Dog go to the movies

The Adventures of "Just a Bear and his Dog" Bear and Dog go to the movies

August 04, 2018  •  2 Comments

It was a lazy, rainy day.  Bear and Dog were anxious to get out.  Just then Bear came up with a great idea.  Lets go to the movies! One of Bears favorite movies was playing.

"A movie about a cat" thought Dog.  This should be funny!

"What's this? There is a bear in this movie as well?" said Dog  "Why yes" said Bear "It is a honey bear."  Dog chuckled as the funny looking cat knocked him right off his feet and into all the honey pots.

Then the cat got his foot stuck in one of the honey pots.  Dog chuckled again.

With most of his honey pots knocked over, he headed out to find more honey.  High up in a tree the bees were buzzing around. Bear explained to Dog that you need to look for bees if you want to find honey.

Jackpot! Look at all that honey.  "Yum" Bear thought.  Then Bear told Dog that one day we will have our own bee hive.  Then we can have all the honey we want.

Just then the honey bear slipped and fell right into the honey.  Bear and Dog laughed, and laughed throughout the rest of the movie.

It was a great way to spend a rainy day.


Too cute! Glad to see that Bear and Dog continue to have quality time together! ;) Love the stories!
Nice and a nice lead up
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